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Arcline - "Laugh Now Fry Later"


i can feel all your eyes on me weak projections i trained my mind razor sharp to strike down all that doesn’t serve me they control the enforce no humanity silence is a weapon to control their narrative i won’t conform wont accept i’ll retaliate put a knife in your face welcome you to eternity a c a b i trained my mind razor sharp i am my own master in this world fuck you all this hate all this rage that’s inside of me pray for death slit your wrists fuck society i don’t care fuck your feelings and fuck you too i’m fucking losing mind can’t stand the sight of you all this hate that i have so fucking over you
Shao Kahn 03:04
fucked up world i can’t stand to see you like this i’m losing hope i lost my faith when you failed me never have i felt despair pulling knives out from my back i’m alone in a crowd of fakes you had your chance fuck around and find out no friend to me i’ll forgive but my trust is gone i can’t forget that pure lack of respect you fake you’re dead to me all my love see you like never you had the world in your hands you never gave a shit you only cared about yourself we all believed in you but in the end you still failed me gave you everything believed every word you lied to us all and now we don’t trust you’re done you fucking fake no friend to me all my trust you’re dead to me all my love
Sub-Zero 02:40
no love in a world of hate nowhere to turn no escape i look within myself for truth i don’t fucking need you people sleeping on the city streets drug them up let them die no care for life at all they cause confusion divide and conquer lack of empathy the ruling class needs to suffer liars won’t let them deceive no more reveal the demons who walk among us lock and load shoot to kill all those who betrayed us pushed away from the world reduced to nothing left without a name i’ve been betrayed by man you’ll not tear us down refuse to go unheard your disgust holds no ground rise up to those who persecute liars won’t them deceive no more demons who walk among us call them out expose their lies and cast them away


Los Angeles based hardcore collective, ARCLINE, released their debut EP “Gateway Drugs” in November of 2019 on Upstate Records. Kicking off 2020 in early February they joined Born From Pain on part of their tour up the West Coast. But the momentum would come to a halt, as we all know, the year 2020 would take a turn for the worst and all of the upcoming fests and shows they had booked got canceled. So the band decided to switch gears and focus on writing and recording new material. The result is a new 3 song promo titled, “Laugh Now Fry Later”, and this title accurately depicts the group’s attitude towards modern culture and the songs musically and lyrically follow suit. Still continuing with their straight up, no frills, punch in the dick, NYHC heavy groove style, the new songs they wrote also lean into a darker side tonally that is reflective of the current state of a world that’s gone to shit. Fans of Trapped Under Ice, Buried Alive and 100 Demons should take note that these new ARCLINE songs still pack the ferocious punch they brought on their debut EP. And based on the song titles on this new 3 song promo, Marty’s obsession with Mortal Kombat hasn’t faded one bit.

This hardcore collective is stronger than ever still comprised of vocalist OG Marty Kush (Hoods), guitarists Ivan Hernandez (Take Vengeance) and Drake Duncan. Now with new additions of guitarist Jesse Macias (Hoods/Set Your Anchor), Elijah Jimenez on bass and Apie Santa Cruz kicking the beats on drums. With live music coming back strong in 2021 this lineup has already started to pick up where they left off and ARCLINE is ready to take their no holds barred live show on the road as much as possible.


released October 8, 2021

Lyric credit: Marty Cole
Music credit: Marty Cole, Drake Duncan
Recorded by: JAHLLAN
Mixed By: Alex Estrada - Pale Moon Audio
Mastered by: Brad Boatright - Audiosiege
Cover Art Illustration: Ramone Sketch
Layout Design: Brandon - Til Death Doodles
Logo Design: Mike Farrell


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