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Degeneration 03:36
Degeneration I’m the revolution, I’m the attack on the mind I’m the new human being, in love with your binds I’m a mental terrorist, I besiege you every day I sit disguised as normalcy, as society decays. The tool of destruction sits in the palm of your hand I disregard humanity I pursue the power, my enemy I forward my indecency to the moral hide and cower I’m my dictatorship, I dominate your lives I’m the embodiment of all you have denied I stifle creativity, I’m the end of individuality I exploit every weakness and the desire to do anything Are you happily enslaved in the mind, body and soul I create a false sense and abandon all your hope To conform, to be reborn, without your mind, for the rest of time To conform, to be reborn, like a machine, to do as they please To keep you at your knees, prayers for the meek. Degeneration Return to the Mind
Masques 02:16
Masques This time I can see life flash before my eyes. The knife in my back, reeling on the rails of the train falling off the track. This time the lies reside behind their sullen lifeless eyes. We got courtside seats to witness democracy's downward slide. Muddy layers and layers of deceit meld with the golden grime. I can dig forever, yet never strike at my soul. Hit em in the pocket, hit em where it hurts most. Hit em hard, and set our souls to survive. Mask the Love, Mask the Hate Cross the divide Mask your feelings, Mask your fate! Learn to live the lie. Why would you even begin to try? We live in chains; our faces don’t betray the feelings deep inside. True friend or foe? Causactions predicated by the status quo. Deception, receptions and the eternal least of man. Keeping secrets from hand to mouth to those who feed from week to week. How does anyone believe a word you say? It’s your mask that will never give the truth away. Have we ever seen your true face? The one that lurks in the deepest darkest place. How does anyone believe a word that you say? It’s your mask that will never give the truth away
Decay 03:14
Nothing but Lies Let’s dig a little deeper and open up our eyes The truth is there, look at it, drowning in their lies Struggling to lead, for all the world to see. How did we fall so far, how is this how we can be? Ha, they say it’s all there in black and white, Deception pays the bills, they contort the facts to fit their fright. Creating confusion, pitting us against them. I won’t submit to lies of methodical oppression Imparting your wisdom, while your mind’s bound in chains. I won’t believe your truth after seeing with mine own eyes. Constantly spewing lies, a little piece of you dies I won’t be like you, I have yet just begun to fight. Throw the wolves to the sheep, make them earn their keep Turn this world around, turn the lies upside down Absolutely deniable, Absolutely corruptible Assumption thru accusation Reality has been blurred
Hell To Pay 03:58
Hell to Pay – (located at the back Tent of the Holy Ghost Revival) Once, twice, once too many times, I find myself on the fence pondering life’s demise The toll on the faces of passersby, whatever’s cracking the lines in their wary mind These faces don’t hide behind some lavish excuse for what’s their right They’re you and me, that’s who we should look up to Not the soulless names, gracing stages for no reason The façade beneath is war torn over seasoned Don’t dismay, there’s hell to pay Don’t fall slave to what they say As you wait for the shining knight, be aware no one’s coming to consume your fright We shy away cause someone else is in line, who’d be the one to step up and take the fight? Why not you? You got stakes in the matter, sidestepping facts that we’ve all grown fatter Citizen ain’t the one standing still, Citizen to gain a hand on the mill Don’t settle on being just happy to be here and sit collecting your lovely parting gifts. There’s actual work to be done to perceive and achieve what we call the happyness. Squander it away for laziness, and once she’s gone, she’ll never face again this way. Again, for so many times, this experiment’s gotta stand and fight like it was yesterday. Welcome my friends to the Holy ghost Revival, we got a back tent, we got souls, we got demons, and devils and snake oil salesman, to get you in the mood for what you desire, the best of both worlds, we’ll drive it home and to the point, give us the power, give us the power, give us the power.
Images 03:04
Images Reflections, how deep can you see? These hidden images influence your faded reality Pictures flood the eyes. Screams of yesterday, shields breakthrough. The torrent of screams appears to have made you. Certainty is mine, Certainly, you will have time. There will never be time, to piece the images of your broken life. Reflections, how dense can you be? This looking glass has no shame of what you think you thought you could be Crater full moon, staring at the sunlit eyes. Forced upon pride, what else you think you would find? Reflections, staring back at me I sink deeper, the abyss is reaching, calling out my tendencies Faded images, faded memories Nothing to grab, nothing to claw, it’s an image of what I used to be. Certainty is mine, Certainly, you will have time. There will never be time, to piece the images of your broken life.
Dying in Darkness Do we watch it all burn and die? The experiment lied to us In Darkness we sit idly by while The Republic dies with us These times are tried and true The question remains, what are you prepared to do? Is this the life you choose? We hold lies as self-evident In these times, I’m undeniable in my government, I can’t wait for them Yet they hold to conspire, hold the Supreme liar in esteem I want to remain what we’re supposed to dream To keep us sick, to keep us poor Darkness dies with us Keep us dumb I’m sold Syndicates of corruptive pests Lapdogs of ideological pets, there’s no hope for them, they’ve lost all sense I wanna cross the aisle, but all the dopes are in denial, again they’ve lost all sense Along for this ride, it’s time to consider the dregs again, what can you make great again? I’m in the right but I’m wrong? It’s the declaration not my swan song Say it back, I’m strong Apathy is the means destruction to the end (our end) Darkness dies with us
The Forbidden I came for you, innocent blood, begging to be shed. Whispers in the classroom, buzzing in your ears, feelings of dread. It started as a game. A dare to five times speak my name. The legend, the rumor, alive now in the FLESH! Sweets to the Sweet, Be my Victim! Sweets to the Sweet, Let the flames speak my name! Out for revenge, Immortality fueled by fear Worshipped in shadows, baptized in a sea of flames. The victims now silent, advertisements of agony. A warning to believe, believe or to be set free. The Fires Burn Bright. Witness to survive the night There Is no other way, With me for eternity you shall stay I came for you, Innocent blood, begging to be shed. My scythe will split you from groin to gullet. The victims now silent, Advertisements of agony. A warning to believe, Believe or be set free. Sweets to the Sweet, Be my Victim! Sweets to the Sweet, Let the flames speak my name! The cold fear, the shaking hands You’ll me your end out of a whisper I am Candyman.


AYANYSS is a Queens, NY hardcore band with a heavy groove and a vintage metal influence.

Formed in 2018 and featured on the self named release are, Nick B. on guitar (Cold Front, Fit of Anger), Chiqui Rodriguez on vocals (Dmize) Frank Smarra on Bass (25 ta Life) and Harry Minas on Drums (25 ta Life, Ocean of Mercy)

With the newest additions - guitarist Rob Rosario (Dmize, 25 ta Life, Madball) and drummer John McClellan (Thulsa Doom, Hochstedder) - Ayanyss will be gigging by late summer.


released July 16, 2021

Lyric credit: Frank Smarra, Chiqui Rodriguez
Music credit: Nick B, Harry Minas, Frank Smarra, Chiqui Rodriguez
Recorded by: Nick B
Produced By: Nick B, Harry Minas, Frank Smarra, Chiqui Rodriguez
Mastered by: Nick B, Harry Minas
Cover Art Illustration: Steve Huie


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Record Label out of upstate New York bringing you the hardest in upcoming hardcore and metal

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