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Departed - "Darkness Reigns"


God Is Money 03:02
The road to wealth is not paved with your good intentions It’s paved with great built from all your bad decisions Build it up break it down, the less we hate eachother Build it up break it down, watch us kill eachother Systematically divide us by race, then you build up The walls that fuels, fuels our hate Your god is money your god is war This what you got us divided for Your god is money your god is war This is what you got us fighting for
I need some blood for blood Eye for an eye, life for a life Don’t think I won’t think twice to end your fuckn life This is you final mistake you dug your grave STIK- You dug your grave now lay in it I was the wrong one to fuck with mother fucker With this knife in my back I’ll slit your throat Watch you bleed out my hands bload soaked My freedom for your soul, I’ll do the time Jesus won’t save you from this hate crime Judgment day came with no remorse as I Piss on the grave of your rotten corpse So tell me something I don’t already know Save your lies, look me right in the eyes I’ve killed for less and less is more More than you bargained for
Nails 01:51
This trail ends with your entrails Painted on a canvas in hell I will show you hell I will make you suffer I will bring the pain I am the thorns in your eyes I am THE NAILS THAT CRUCIFIED CHRIST I am the spear in your side
I move in silence I will bring ruin I will bring darkness I fest on the blood of my enemies I absolve them from all the use to be (ryan) farewell kindness I feast on the blood of my enemies My heart rises As darkness reigns upon me No peace and no serenity The horseman come to judge your integrity Weather you’re in the right or in the wrong Make no mistake youre just a fucking pawn Judgment day is coming, the end is growing near Nothing on earth will save you, we pray on all your Fears. No pitty for the weak judgement day is here
Fentanyl 03:09
You feel the burning in your mind You feel the churning in your soul Put the barrel to your head Pull the trigger, its not filled with led Put the barrel to your head Pull the trigger, this time you’re fucking dead As you slip away, to your opium dream Your eyes dilate, as your mind slips away Your mind fades away, your eyes dilate This is your self decay
Your suicide won’t end their suffering and pain Your reign of terror falls, but the sins still remain And nothing can stop this rain Your hand on the throat of the nation, my finger On the trigger of this gun, I won’t stop til theres no one like you I wont stop til theres no one like you Your reign of terror ends now ARMED WITH DEFIANCE We won’t be locked down by your lies We won’t be blinded by your ignorance We will not be mislead, we will be ARMED WITH DEFIANCE No remorse no regrets Living blind this is what we get
876 01:46
This is all the hate that you breed Selling faith for your greed Those who trust in your life Those who trust in your light No remorse for your faults No respect for your rite Don't tell me you're not to blame You're a predator at night Dont tell me you should have Predatory rights Your soul dissolves into flames This is your last rites I wanna see I fall I wanna see you burn down Kneel at your cross You're a predator at night Running in circles to evade the light The abyss waits with open arms to do To you the same harm you've done others through good.
Fear me... the worst is yet to come This is the last day. Your eyes will see The sun As the sun sets in your eyes I'll be there to take you to the afterlife Eternity is not that long I'll be there waiting to take your hand To another life There is so retribution There is no point or reason There is no point of contact There is no coming back Take my hand.... I'll lead you through the wasteland Take me hand I'll lead you through the wasteland


released May 29, 2021

Lyric credit: Joe Stanley
Music credit: Departed (Joe Stanley, Pat Duda, Roger Saenez, Joe Ambrose, Darryl Petrone)

Recorded by: Len Carmicheal
Produced By: Len Carmicheal
Mastered by: Len Carmicheal
Cover Art Illustration: Joey Stone


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Record Label out of upstate New York bringing you the hardest in upcoming hardcore and metal

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