Gloves Off - "Life​.​.​.​"


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Benedetto Manzella
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Benedetto Manzella Gloves Off, unlike some bands, don't waste your time. They make music that can smash barriers both mental and physical. One of my favorite current hardcore bands. Favorite track: By A Thread.


released March 13, 2020


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Record Label out of upstate New York bringing you the hardest in upcoming hardcore and metal

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Track Name: Pinnacle In Timelines
There comes a moment,that defines everything
Still framed images,mental photographs
Frozen in time,almost ending
Breaking down perfect structures
Now I can't,picture your face
This shattered life,trace memories
This isn't happening
I can't be,this can't be
This isn't happening
He can't be,this can't be
Now that you're gone everything is rearranged
The days go on and on,but nothing feels the same
No tears to cry,no chance to even say goodbye
I live a lie, convinced myself you're too far gone to try
I'm not prepared for this
Track Name: Death Awaits
And on that day,the casket open wide
I couldn't even look you in the eyes
An imposter of my friend
Bloated,somehow sunken in
This goodbye is now forever
I can't even find my center
And I wish it was me inside that box
Griefs overwhelming
Anxiety slowly killing
Death waits
Death waits for no man
Track Name: In Reflection
I can deny this all I want,death has a stare,grip,you needed a hand,I failed everytime,Stop,my reasoning,nothing makes this right,easy to walk away in time

The uglyness I always see,is a reflection not of you,but of me
Somebody wake me,from this twisted dream
This world is better with you,without me

FUCK- where did this go wrong,warm hands hold cold thoughts
When I close my eyes,you're the only ghost I see

Draw breath, something savorful,crossed eyes,ways are fleeting

This can't be real
Always hanging by a thread
This can't be real
I wish that I was dead
Track Name: By A Thread
Moment,losing hope
Letting go of you
Nothing can,save me from right now
I'm holding on,slowly losing grip
Can't push through
Everything surrining you
I wish I could be the past
So that I can stop this
Dying and choking,dying and choking
Dying and choking dying and choking
You can't breathe life back into me
Bookmark this page,this is the chapter
I'm finally falling but after,I'll tear myself down,I'll rebuild everything,I'll rebuild everything
I can't have these guilty hands,No
This choice-hangs low and lifeless
Your pen-the stones your always casting
His life-cut short in motions
My guilt-hangs dead and lasting
I'm always holding on
Just simply by a thread
I'm always rambling on
With ghosts inside my head
This is,conflicting chapters
The authors giving up
This is,self harming volumes
Forever signing off
I'm signing off

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