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Gloves Off - "Life​.​.​.​And Everything After"


Death Awaits 01:58
By A Thread 03:42
Decay 03:12
I’ve fallen, we are slow decay Nothing left, scattered, more dismay This life, time has stopped us all Retry, there’s only disgrace When was it that you said this would all blow over My highs, my lows Keeping you looking over your shoulders Self destruct, reconstruct In the cold on your back porch In the dead of resentment I’ve took a million breaths In hopes I’d exhale the failure I’ve paced a thousand words In depths of lost conversations You’ve held a hundred moments I’d burn to ignite the contemplation I’d give one last gasp To inhale you just for torture This season’s change will kill me
Pacing, forever’s fleeting with you No one can see thru to the truth While breathing out (Ghosts still find you) Run from your past Did you think that this could always last Trace the lifelines in your hands Your dark road, engulfed with grains of sand So corrupt Lost and all alone This stale earth catches up to us all This play the tragedy of man This stage still set by shaking hands This life will end before the credits Your demise hangs O so heavy Haunting, the future is dying with you You let this slip right through This epic’s bleeding hands (Death still guides you) We never make it out alive The conqueror worm calls every goodbye This scenic solitude I’ve never felt the swift blades fucking slice thru the night Hero, the conqueror Much of madness Even more of sin The conqueror calls
"You’re a beast" that’s what she said As she tears apart all the joy inside your head Nothing is safe, nothing is sacred, Every squint and glance consumed with hatred Your audience has become your juror, You wear a mask for safety not humor My death was a banquet Where every heart revealed itself I taste the fear of aging I loathe the heart of lovers I slip further into the nightlife "You’re a beast" that’s what she said, As she tears apart all the joy inside your head Nothing is safe, nothing is sacred Every squint and glance consumed with hatred The fire within you, soft silken embers, Loves tragedy in which no one remembers Science and patience, the torment is sure How many hands tried to tame this beast? Soft skin, eyes, teeth trained to feast On my own innocence, on my own arrogance Now all desire has gone It has made my life its own
This clarity has always been a dream, Stuck inside my mind, as hazy as it seems Clouding judgment in constant motions Built upon the lies, I’ve buried deep inside How much of this fire has died? Am I the person who survives? Being born broken to comply Hiding this pain in light brown eyes Who am I? Am I the same person I always hoped to be? Not even fucking close, in dreams Not even fucking close I’ve been holding on to this dull flame for years, Fighting a new on my forgotten fears In your eyes I find solstice in the summer skies
Losing someone would be a blessing, If it means I’d find myself I’ve broken past the point of this This bitter taste lingers Taste this crisis Pain is knowledge, regret the final teacher Stringing you along, to the departure song I’ve held the perfect moment and lost faith in movements Crumbled down in broken structures, Sacrificed myself for the ones I love, Losing someone is such a blessing, If it means I’ll find myself I don’t want to be alive I’ve sacrificed my well being To feel what it would be like To embrace joy and compassion If only for a short period of time I’ve left this world full of regret I’ve lost more then I care to forget This hand has carved out all good feelings Good bye was such a simple meaning I can’t hold on anymore I can’t feel this tired anymore I can’t I won’t


released January 28, 2022

Lyric credit: Cody Clark,
Music credit: Ethan Brockelman, Brian Mock, Sean Potoczny, Phil Gamble, Cody Clark
Recorded by: AJ Viana
Produced By: AJ Viana
Mastered by: AJ Viana
Cover Art: Chris Ventura


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Record Label out of upstate New York bringing you the hardest in upcoming hardcore and metal

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