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Grace - Self​-​Titled EP


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RABDiamondz thumbnail
RABDiamondz Increased deadlift by 27% by the end of track 4. Highly recommended. Favorite track: Your Own Demise.
greywolf70 thumbnail
greywolf70 Too short…. Where’s the damn album!!!
This is AWESOME 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Darknight thumbnail
Darknight This EP is freaking awesome!! Pummelling hardcore metal that shakes you and the ground below, Grace is a heavy hitter of heavy proportions. Favorite track: Comfort in Misery.
Grace 02:11
I fell so far from grace So detached from reality Blinded by conformity The lights have faded and day never breaks Forged blood from a stone all I give you take Time is something that can’t be replaced when you’re left all alone Suffering is all I’ve ever known Pain is the only truth I’ve ever been told
I find comfort only in misery No one can help me A constant battle in my head I often feel I’d be better dead Never ending feeling of emptiness A constant void filled with sadness Life has left me so hollow Forced into constant sorrow Everything good I’ve pushed away I don’t want to wake to see another day At war with myself Trapped in this living hell Comfort in misery No one can help me At war with myself Trapped in this living hell
Forsake 03:46
Cover my eyes so I can’t see the truth The best of me left with you My rock that sank me far below Buried me in thoughts I hoped to never know Brought me to a place I never wanted to see The years put into us just a waste for me I never asked for this Left alone in the world of shit I lead you to water but could never quench your thirst All you left me with was an empty home full of hurt This misery is crushing me My back was the one to break My heart is the one you forsake
Barrel in your mouth face the mirror You can’t except what you’ve done Reality sets in with every breath Meaningless existence comes to an end Hang your head in shame Hide your face from the world Nothing in the eyes of those you betrayed The truth comes to light No one walks by your Left to your own device you won’t survive A victim in your own eyes No one hears your cries Face your own demise No one one hears your cries Face your own demise No one hears you


released September 24, 2021


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Record Label out of upstate New York bringing you the hardest in upcoming hardcore and metal

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