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Inner Turmoil - "Raised Through Aggression"


Intro 00:37
That’s it mother fucker You pushed me for the last time Expect no mercy This is what you asked for This is what you’ll fuckin get Blaaaattt Reap what you sow You’re the one (the one) That crossed the line and now It’s time (it’s time) For me, to take back what’s mine You are (you are) The only one that is to blame My heart’s (my heart’s) The only thing that’s fuckin changed (You’re done) The only thing that’s fuckin changed (You’re scum) Stop lying to everyone else You brought this on yourself Don’t try and change my mind Hatred is all that you will find No love left in my heart You crushed it from the start It’s the end of the line Time to take back what’s mine Lost in your web of lies Was to blind to see Or to dumb to even try Defeated so fuckin numb inside You will pay Pay for what you have done And what you’ve, what you’ve made me become
Vile Intent 02:30
I’m disgusted and distraught Always lost in my putrid thoughts Will this cycle ever break How much more can I fucking take All I’ve ever felt is discontent Always looking back At how my times been spent Can’t seem to break my implosions Every move I make Entails a bigger mistake Looking in the mirror makes me sick How did it ever come to this This train is going off track Always on a dead end path You already know the fucking deal Afraid to show the way I feel Excessive chemicals destroyed my brain Once again isolated in shame I have truly given up I can’t take this much more Slowly losing my pulse on the floor God I don’t wanna be here anymore
Born into a world of shit Never gave it up don’t know how to quit Death sits waiting with his ice cold plans Your god never reach out his fucking hand Evil torment from an early age You think you had it rough well I would gladly trade The man who raised me shares no blood of my own I shoulda stayed with him then in that broken home Drugs and alcohol corroded my brain I couldn’t see I was my own life’s strain Looking back I woulda changed it all but if I did I wouldn’t have suffered the fall Suffer the fall Hatred and agony is all there was for me Impure unjust I don’t know how to trust Waking up on the cold concrete Trying to come to grips How do I except defeat What do you do When you don’t want to be alive But your not ready to die
Flatliner 03:32
Is this coincidence Mind melting silence Holding back internal screams Unanswered prayers and broken dreams I can’t go back to this Crushing waves of emptiness Internal scars a broken brain How do I end eternal pain Fuck this Death wish No light at the end of the Other side of this odyssey Anxiety’s a bitch And life’s never fair With no eminent escape From these moments of despair I’ll take it on the chin I’ll carry all of the weight Until I fold my paper Until my spine snaps and breaks I thought I could do this all alone Just deal. Is all I’ve ever known I tried to fill in all the gaps But I fell right through the fucking cracks Suffer this consequence I’ve been through all this before It’s a familiar path I can’t change my past I swear from this point on I’ll fight with everything I have To change my entire life The other option is to die I refuse to live my life like this Time to change Or pull the cord and end it all


released August 28, 2020


all rights reserved




Record Label out of upstate New York bringing you the hardest in upcoming hardcore and metal

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