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Brick By Brick - "Just Look Around"




Mike Valente reached out to good friends in Sick Of It All when putting together their new release, Dismal Existence, and wanted to do a cover song that really captured everything that is going on today. Just Look Around was released in 1992 and here we are, almost 30 years later and the lyrics still hold true. Hardcore always spoke the truth.



The question they keep asking me
How can one so young be so bitter and angry
Well, the answer is plain to see
Maybe if they weren't so blind they'd see what i see
I see the homeless livin' out on the street
On every corner they're asking for money
I try to help them whenever i can
But sometimes i can't afford to help myself
I see diseases and modern plagues of our times
The greed of our leaders has made them blind
To our problems
They spend millions overseas,
People right here are fightin' wars everyday
I see the whites that hate the blacks
Blacks against the jews, race against religion
And they're all too blind to see
When we fight each other it puts all of them at ease
It keeps us so busy, so they can do what they please
Election time comes and they're out for votes
That's when you see and hear from them the most
This is what they're calling a democracy
That's just another word for hypocrisy
We keep fallin' for the bait
When we realize, it's always too late
I see the whites that hate the blacks
Blacks that hate the jews, brother against brother
And they're all to blind to see
As the rich get richer, the poor goin' hungry
I've seen the toll it takes on the workingman's family
Education system that's obsolete
Can't hold a kid's interest or keep 'em off the street
See a father's fear, hear a mother's cry
What kind of a nation lets their children die
Government's corrupt and full of red tape
Then you're gonna ask me why i hate
Why don't you open up your eyes
so you can see
Open up your ears
so you can hear
Take a look around
and you will find
Take a look around
and you will find out why


released October 28, 2021
Lou, Pete, Armand, Rich (SICK OF IT ALL)


all rights reserved




Record Label out of upstate New York bringing you the hardest in upcoming hardcore and metal

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