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Dissent - Echoes

by Upstate Records



All proceeds from the digital download of Echoes will go to John and Angela Fowler.


Heart racing
your breath shows on frigid air
the sounds of footsteps
are drawing near
the act of vengeance is finally here

To make your move
while you still have the chance
fight or flight is the ultimate test
of strength
do you have what it takes
to see another day?
Your time is fading away

Fist clenched knuckles white
(your knuckles white)
violent convulsions
run down your spine
(run down your spine)
the smell of rotting flesh in the air
(is in the air)
this cant be it
is this the end?

"Not now, I've come too far for this
I have to live on
I have to do it for them"

Remember their faces
remember their light fading out
become the monster
you've always had inside

It is not too late to save yourself
(fight for those you loved)
it is not too late to save yourself
(kill for those you've lost)

There's no peace left
acts of violence
played out by your hand
they saw the devil
they saw death

A scream
echoes throughout the darkness followed by deafening silence
that makes your blood run cold


released February 25, 2019
Recorded By Len Carmichael (Landmine Studios)
Mixed By Jeremy Eger (JE Recording)
Mastered by Will Putney (Graphic Nature Audio)
Cover Art by Chris Miller


all rights reserved




Record Label out of upstate New York bringing you the hardest in upcoming hardcore and metal

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