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Bovice - "2020 Promo EP"


Glitch/Death 03:25
I will burn the bridge of blood this time Melting the pillars Of a love so blind Never again Shall I look away From the demons inside There is no saving Death is the only option And when youre gone Still proceed with caution Your deed is done With no remorse Blunt trauma And its coming thru with full force Watching you bleed out The life leaves your eyes The end of a creature I’ll never not despise Stand over your body free at last And spit on your face For the spell that you have cast You fucking betrayer. You fucking betrayer. Spread pain unto those who loved You gonna Answer to the sky above Get on your knees and pray Pray today I don’t take your life away Spread pain unto those who loved You gonna Answer to the sky above Lived only by your desire Now I’ll see you in the fire Drown in the flames Drown in the flames Drown in the flames Drown in the flames
Trapped in the realm Realm of the seemingly impossible Living in the hell Burning sacrifice the suffering unstoppable Charred lungs Screaming echos go up to the sky Forked tongues Leading the herd to the slaughter to die You will never get to take this back Death is lurkin round the corner One wrong step and it could be ya last. Offered up as a martyr Bury me In shallow ground Scorching earth beneath the setting sun Cemetery for us peasants Haunting the land Up until time is done Overwhelmed with disbelief The Earth is crumbling under my feet Watch humanity slip right away The reaper claiming defeat Pledge allegiance to the land of death Paved streets under a sea of red Justice for every fucking tortured soul Ill hold the blade right up to your neck Holy father Forgive me for what comes next.


released November 20, 2020


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Record Label out of upstate New York bringing you the hardest in upcoming hardcore and metal

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