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Iron Price​/​Terror Cell Split


Iron Price - Scenic Route How long's this process? What's the hold up? Am i missing something? Explain How many warning signs do you need 'Til just one of you saves me from me Time it seems caught up with me, it surely tooks its time Opted out many years ago, it seems it took the scenic route Trudged along and ate them all, every poison I could find Swallowed down now I wait and wait, what the fuck is taking so long Fresh cuts, no hesitation here Left behind with this shit stained soul This beady eyed true maniac I am karmas mosted wanted man Now tell me how many cries for help you need 'Til you motherfuckers kill me How long's this process? What's the hold up? Am i missing something? Explain Please hurry up I am karmas most wanted man
Iron Price - The Consumer Reflection stares back and I want it erased How did I let things get this far Growing and growing but still I consume I know its killing me but still I consume How will I Face my mortality When I cant Face my mortality At what point will I concede That I've etched my own epitaph At least I know that I've found The slowest way to kill myself Ran it 'til the wheels fell off Ran it to an early grave Reflection stares back and I want it erased But I'll be damned if I make an attempt to Turn back the clock and fix what I've ruined I'll barrel face first into oblivion Erase
Terror Cell - By Any Means Necessary Fascist pigs and corporate rats grind their axe at the wheel Waiting for the chance to sell grief they steal Boots push down on the necks of the meek silencing all that refuse Withered voices begging for life, snuffed out and strewn with a noose You paint targets right on our fucking backs Who do you protect? Your selfish interests You cowards hide behind your badge and your code To justify the blood on your hands You aren’t moved by lives torn apart Just windows to your department stores It doesn’t mean that much to me to mean nothing to you Nothing changes until nothing moves By any means It comes in waves It takes everything Burn to the ground
Circular Firing Squad There’s so much hope in this world and none of it’s for you The world around you dies beneath a godless sky I open my heart to this world, and I feel nothing Weeping void Hopeless Earth Dying world Shed your skin, crawl away Show no mercy They won’t mourn for you Your morals are like a cloak You are the dirt beneath my feet Keep the blood in your veins No refuge No gods No masters No hope


released August 6, 2021

Cover art Illustration: DEATHWALKER


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Record Label out of upstate New York bringing you the hardest in upcoming hardcore and metal

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