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Life of Crime - "Street Gospel"


Crime Wave 01:22
Why you always hiding every time I come around I know your ass is scared it ain’t hard to figure out Quit hiding from your problems and face me like a man You’re a little bitch that I can’t fucking stand Little bitch You know what the fuck it is. Life of crime. Sullivant hate hardcore. This ain’t for you soft nerds from the fucking suburbs. Bottom the fuck up or run your fucking pockets. Aiming for your head any chance that I get When I’m done with you You’ll wish we never met I’m the hardest mother fucker you will ever find Ten toes down for this life of crime (Devin of Sanguisugabogg) Petty little bitch Your time has come You will now die There is no hope Choke on your words As you beg and plead Your life ends by my own hands
Fuck every cop and judge You ain't catching me I refuse to talk I ain’t takin no plea You can suck my dick I don’t want your deal I chose this life I’m just keepin it real You won’t catch Catch me slippin I keep my lips sealed tight You can try I won’t listen No face no case Open and shut I'm a criminal in society's eyes I’m everything they hate Everything they despise A corrupted system Full of hatred and greed You won’t get your chance To make an example of me Fuck every piece of shit cop that cuffed me and took me in Fuck every prosecutor and judge That sent me away and fuck my probation officer that told me I was going to live a life of fucking crime. Take a look in my eyes The reapers out to get me Blood all over my hands I pray he takes me quickly I’m just trying to survive Another day to put in work I keep diggin my grave The way I keep doin dirt Carry me by six Never judged by twelve When my life is over I’d rather go to hell Never spend another day Behind concrete walls I’ll kill my self Before the gavel falls
Everywhere I go I see The worst of the world No hope for the future Just pain and strife Born into a system To never succeed (The odds are against me) How the fuck you expect me to keep on pushing I am bound to fail Where do I start lookin For the answer to survive I guess I’ll never know (There’s no tomorrow ) This world is filled with so much hate death, suffering, and decay Our demise is all they seek There’s no hope for you or me I’ve regressed to nothing I’m barely getting by The way things are going I just want to die I keep trying my hardest Will I ever win (Destined for failure) I keep swinging my fist Till There’s nothing left I’m not afraid to lose I not afraid of death done fighting to live This world is so cold (Abandon all hope) This world is filled with so much hate death, suffering, and decay Our demise is what they seek There’s no hope for you or me (Camden - D Bloc) I walk alone Never look over my shoulder When my heart beats fast but my blood gets colder Every move I make is life or death it’s do or die Can’t break my grip on this world, because the world is mine
Love Hurts 03:05
Do you ever think of me Will I ever be free Free from all your misery If you don’t love me then why are you here You fucking promised I had nothing to fear You built me up Just to break me down You stole my heart you put me in the ground All these years you played a game It’s like a curse when I hear your name They tried to warn me But I’m to blame I fucking hate you For making me feel Like life was perfect That this was real Not one word that you said was true I’m so tired of feeling blue Do you you ever think of me Will I ever be free Free from all this misery Fuck love, love hurts I’m sick and tired of feeling like this You tore my heart out of my fucking chest I hope you choke on those words you spit Y’aint shit to me, just another bitch Fuck love, love hurts
Seek Revenge 02:02
Nobody wants to see your face End up on a shirt Keep running your mouth cock sucker You’re gonna end up hurt When it all comes down to it you don’t want the smoke They say that god forgives but I fucking don’t This city ain’t big enough For the both of us You bit the hand that fed You broke my fucking trust You owe me your fucking life A debt is due Youll get what’s coming to you I promise you Fuck you and everyone that you fuck with You ain’t no one to me Just a bitch and you suspect talkin all that shit Running your mouth all the time You’re the first one to run When your life’s on the line You can try and hide as much as you fucking want I got 14 shots aimed at your head Whenever I find you You’re a whole fucking bitch for switchin Up On me you pussy mother fucker Fuck you and everything you represent It’s time to seek revenge You should not have switch up on me You will die slow
Trenches 02:03
In these trenches It’s kill or be killed Risky moves leads to blood spilled Concrete jungle valley of death What will you do when you’re put to the test From the gutter I rise Blood and pain fill my eyes Gotta hustle every fucking day dead in the street if you lose that game I got five on it You won’t die for it Life on the line You ain’t down to ride I see your hand shaking i know what you’re thinking What do you do if you miss your shot From the gutter I rise blood and pain fill my eyes Gotta hustle every fucning day Dead in the street if you lose this game I rise from the gutter In these streets death takes you You wanna be king of the streets First you gotta get through me You fucked around Now you’ll find out this ain’t a game I’ll cut your heart out
Ohio On Top 01:41
There’s no denying That hell is real It’s the place that I call home There’s nothing like it you know the deal My hearts forever in O-H-I-O It’s us against the world We won’t ever stop Keep yelling it till we drop It’s Ohio on top Don’t let your guard down That’s how you get beat I’ve seen too many loved ones Lose their lives to the street You don’t get second chances Keep your head on a swivel You could lose your life Playing games with the devil From the 419 to the 216 Don’t ever disrespect it or you’ll be swallowing bricks From the 614 to the 513 You’ll be beggin for your life Down on your knees O-H-I-O It’s us against the world We won’t ever stop Keep yellin it till we drop It’s Ohio on top


released September 2, 2022

Lyric credit: Dylan Lake, Ryan Wade
Music credit: Ryan Wade, Dylan Lake, Tom Kotas, Steve Collins, Isaac Collins
Recorded by: Josh Nunn
Produced By: Life of Crime
Mastered by: Josh Nunn
Cover Art: Collin Simula


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Record Label out of upstate New York bringing you the hardest in upcoming hardcore and metal

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