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Ripped Away - Redemption Strike

by Upstate Records

Gridlock 01:34
Let me take you down to a place Where nothing else matters And no one is safe You’ll learn to hate yourself and Drown in mistakes Everything you love will soon be replaced I just can’t Find my way out Just another day of doubt You turned your back on me and spit in my face When I reached out to you I Couldn’t find a trace Tossing back and forth in my sleep Was it me was it you what am I to do
Crossroads 02:38
I don’t see the world you’re living in it’s all a lie Running from the truth until the day you die Shaming others for the color of their skin I’ll rip yours from your fucking bones You’re the reason that my hearts turned cold The same reason that my pain still lingers I hold your life at the tip of my fingers Respect isn’t given through sympathy It’s earned through suffering And it’s your time to suffer
There comes a time In all of our lives When you realize you can’t win every fight All hope is lost and nothing feels right Don’t listen to the thoughts creeping in at night Don’t let your struggles define you This world will go on with or without you I’ve always been against the odds That’s just life for me These Days Of our lives it’s a constant hustle But we’ve learned to survive Standing above all Watching the weak fall With strength in numbers Reigning over all Strength in numbers


released January 4, 2019

Mixed and Mastered by Len Carmichael
Cover Photo by Brandon Monahan
Back Cover Photos by Jordan Massam


all rights reserved




Record Label out of upstate New York bringing you the hardest in upcoming hardcore and metal

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